The shortest path to get your idea in front of your customers, get out of the
9-to-5, and into the life you were meant to live.

Get Your Work to the People who need it now!

Passionate teachers, coaches, world changers:

Do you have a course, coaching practice, or other vision that is still “not quite launched”—but “just about to” (again...)?

Do you find yourself doing everything but launching?

Are you itching to take action and make your dream a reality? To get the message out? Make the change? Gain the freedom?

I’ve created a 5-week group program to help you hustle—get focused, get your work in front of the people who need it, and do the work together to make your dream real NOW.

“You don’t learn until you launch”
—Dan Norris 

Silicon Valley startups have learned through painful experience that the only way to know what your customers really want is to give them something to look at, and see what’s working and what’s not. The consequences of not doing this are wasted time, wasted money, and lost enthusiasm.

—Can you afford to waste those things?

Launch your passionate work to the world in weeks, not years.

Start making offers

Get immediate feedback

Save money and time

Start getting paying customers

Don’t do it alone

In 5 weeks, you could launch your idea to the world.

— Let your customers help you build what they want —

...and you don’t have to do it alone.

We are a space where it’s okay to call out our fears of showing up


Join a nurturing cohort of like-minded, caring,  driven visionaries who won’t give up on each other

And we are also a space where we won’t let our fears stop us, from doing what we know we are here for

Take the action you need next, to do your work for your world, your family, and yourself!

The Process


Clarify the VISION, and identify the LEVER

We’ll use proven time management methods, and business consulting best practices to generate a clear and simple approach to implementing your idea.


Create the PERSONA, uncover their BURNING ISSUE, and ENGAGE with them

Leveraging the best methods from User Experience design and Lean Startup, you’ll learn how to gain empathy with your audience, so you can offer it to them.


Build a deliberate, focused OFFER that inspires and gets results

Writing becomes easy once you know who you’re speaking to, and what they need. You’ll build a simple one-page offer that simply states what you are doing, and why your targeted customer should care—and what you want them to do!

You'll create a POWERFUL OFFER PAGE that you'll put online, and LAUNCH to the world.


Hustle, hustle, hustle!

Now that we have an offer, it’s up to us to call, text, message, or Instagram (whatever it takes!) to get that offer in front of people. I’ll provide over 20 methods to do this, and you’ll join a supportive group who are all taking the steps to make their dreams happen!



You’ll use the feedback you get from your hustle to know whether you are going to keep going, tweak things a bit, or make bigger adjustments to your idea. Once you have these steps, you’ll use these habits and can keep moving forward—sprint after sprint, and realize your dream.

Program Elements

5 Weekly Workshop Sessions

  • 2½ hours instruction/week
  • Online documentation and notes
  • PDF worksheets for all steps
  • Accountability forum and support
  • 2-10 hours of homework/week

75-minute coaching session

Coaching session with Chris to help you refine your offer steps.

6 Weeks of Hustle Support

6 weeks membership in the moderated hustle support group to keep you going after you launch.

Overall cost if paid for as one-on-one consulting: $3,968.75

Future Cost: $595.00

PILOT PRICE: $595  $445

or 3 payments of $165

About Chris

Chris Burbridge

Chris Burbridge is an autodidact and synthesizer of ideas. Having worked as a programmer for years in the software industry, he pioneered online help methods prior to the advent of the World Wide Web, and studied User Experience before its popularization. He’s studied creativity and design, human interaction, time management, and success psychology. He merges all these disciplines into a single, harmonized methodology.

He’s worked with visionary small businesses for over 14 years at

“Chris’ focusing process is worth at least $10,000 to my business, just in terms of the time I didn’t have to waste doing things that were not really necessary.”

—Roman Bostick, BIS Computers & Consulting Services, LLC

“Chris is able to ‘see’ and ‘feel’ people on many levels simultaneously and ‘translate’ that knowingness to their client, knowing how to deliver it because of his deep, multidimensional understanding of what’s going on.”

—Laurie Silverman, CultureLab

“Chris’ superpower is his empathic ability to connect with his client’s needs, in ways the client didn’t even know they needed.“

—Acorn Sunbeam, Accupuncturist

“Chris is a patient, clear teacher. We feel empowered and grateful and highly recommend Chris and his work.”

—Eve Pearlman, Spaceship Media

“Christopher is a warm and intelligent person with spot on marketing abilities. He has the ability to really feel who a person is and what they can offer, capturing their qualities in ways that enable potential customers to feel it too.”

—Elizabeth Perrachione, Facilitation, Mediation, Writing & Editing

“Chris is able to be loving and gentle, while pushing with smarts/heart/spirit for genuine social change.”

—Darshan Campos,
Decolonial Bizness World

Chris rescued us when we were in a bad jam, and he did it with compassion and consummate ease. But more than that, he has guided us forward in a way that is so empowering. After a few sessions with him we feel able to steer our own ship, with the ability to still turn to him for specialized assistance.

We feel so empowered, it's crazy!

—Jeremy Hay, Spaceship Media

“Chris has an excellent attention to details coupled with an eagerness to fully understand the problem and find the most appropriate, efficient solution.”

—Colleen O'Rourke, Leadership For Highly Intelligent People

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